Sunday, 3 January 2016

L'Été no.2: La Playita

The second painting I made following my summer getaway in PEC is this one of my cousin Pauline, as she elegantly sat in the shade, protected from the hard hitting sun. Her skin's as light and freckly as mine, if not more. She was in full hippy mode, with the scarf she bought off the streets of New York from a cheap illegal vendor wrapped round her curly auburn hair, her bathing suit undone to avoid tan lines, her colourful blankets and the thin cigarette smoking away between her bony fingers (at least she protected herself from skin cancer, right?). The picture from which this painting was inspired is one of my favourites. I think it sums up an ideal summer day for me: a calm, peaceful day spent with people I love but hardly ever see (they live in France), by Lake Ontario, frolicking in the water, eating chips out of the bag and reading in the shade.
As I write this, the maple tree outside the large bay windows in my room is covered with a thin layer of snow. A glass-like layer of ice envelops the dainty branches. My heater's broken and my toes are rubbing against each-other under the thick blankets on my bed to keep warm. Yet I just finished La Playita, named after my friend Claudia's comment on the original picture I posted of this scene on Instagram (really deep meaning there, I know), and I feel as if it's thirty degrees and sunny outside.